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Industrial network alarm panel

  • Brand:  FOCUS   Model:  FC-7688Plus
  • Description:
◎ Chinese&English operation menu and voice prompt. 
◎ 8 tamper-checking wired zone,32 wireless zone,88 BUS zone(with tamper-checking single zone module) 
◎ 8 programmable access wireless remote, 8 programmable access keypad, 32 wireless appliance switch,8 wireless siren. 
◎ Support SD card update application software. 
◎ Support GSM, TCP/IP, networking alarm setting. 
◎ Can extend GPRS wireless communication module, support GPRS data transmission. 
◎ Can extend programmable Relay module,serial module. 
◎ Can set 8 private telephone numbers. ◎ Remote voice prompt operation. 
◎ Built-in electronic clock,can realize 4 groups timing arm/disarm everyday, 2 groups timing alarm clock. 
◎ AC off,wireless/wired detectors trouble reporting. 
◎ Can set self-checking time report to control panel automatically. 
◎ 512 loop event record.
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